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Arjen Anthony Lucassen

Universal Migrator Part 1: The Dream Sequencer

Universal Migrator Part 1: The Dream Sequencer

First Release Date: 2000.06.20
Detailed information: Wikipedia
Releases / Editions

Release Date: 2000.06.20
Label: Transmission
Format: 1 CD

Description: Single CD without any extras
Availability: not available in stores (replaced by Special Edition that also contains Part II)

- Standard edition

Release Date: 2004.?.?
Label: Inside Out
Format: 2 CD

Description: The new label re-released the 2 albums as Special Edition but without any extras
Availability: available in stores

- Special Edition

Release Date: 2012.11.19
Label: Inside Out
Format: 2 LP (blue)

Description: limited LP edition
Availability: not available in stores

- LP
1. The Dream Sequencer
2. My House On Mars
3. 2084
4. One Small Step
5. The Shooting Company Of Captain Frans B. Cocq
6. Dragon On The Sea
7. Temple Of The Cat
8. Carried By The Wind
9. And The Druids Turn To Stone
10. The First Man On Earth
11. The Dream Sequencer Reprise
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About Album

After the commercial failure of  the Actual Fantasy, and the overwhelming  success of the Into the Electric Castle, Arjen felt he had to create an album that was a worthy release all on its own, without being derivative or treading on similar ground. To this end, he made some fundamental changes to his previous composition process. Arjen decided to have each vocalist only sing one track each, as opposed to the almost conversational, rock opera-style singing which was utilized in previous albums.

As Universal Migrator had enough content to form a two-CD album, Arjen made a key decision to sell each disc as a separate release. He believed his fans to be fundamentally divided into two groups by genre of choice, being either progressive rock or heavy metal fans. The Dream Sequencer was meant to appeal to the prog enthusiasts, and Flight of the Migrator to the metal fans, so that each could simply purchase the album of their choice, if so inclined, but to his surprise, fans bought and loved both albums.

Later in 2004, when Arjen moved from Transmission to InsideOut Music, Flight of the Migrator was re-released together with The Dream Sequencer as a 2-CD special edition called The Universal Migrator: Parts I & II. As only 4 years had passed since the original release of the separate albums, Arjen did not add any bonus features because he felt that this would be unfair to the fans who had already purchased the albums.

It is needless to say that this double album became a classic very soon… In my opinion it is the most “Ayreon” album of all, it is the style that represents the essence of the Universe the most. There is more special (Actual Fantasy), more human (The Human Equation), but more professional, more “Ayreon”… I do not think so…

The The Dream Sequencer is the first album that continues the plot found in The Final Experiment, starting in the year 2084, when the final world war wiped out all life on Earth. During the final years of fighting on Earth, a number of humans escaped to live on Mars. These people brought supplies with them, but with Earth ravaged, there was no way to replenish their resources, and soon almost all humans perished. The Dream Sequencer tells the story of the last human being alive, living alone on the Martian colony.

Born of the earliest settlers on Mars, the colonist never lived on Earth, and could only experience it through a machine known as the Dream Sequencer. Developed by scientists on Mars to curb boredom, the Dream Sequencer uses a form of hypnosis that allows the user to travel back in time to their youth, or even farther beyond, to previous incarnations of their persistent selves.

The colonist uses the machine and revisits his own youth, living on Mars, and eventually views many of his past lives: a woman fighting in the war of 2084, Queen Elizabeth I overlooking her fleet, a man present at the building of Stonehenge, and even the first human being to live on Earth, among other lives. Each track on The Dream Sequencer revisits one of these past lives.

Let’s go through story song by song…

The Dream Sequencer
This song is about the Colonist’s preparation to use the Dream Sequencer, and the orders given by the machine.

My House on Mars
The song is about the main character of the story as a child, with his sister, mourning the death of his father in the war on Earth and its destruction in 2084. By the end of the song, he has forgiven his father for leaving him, and breaking his promise to take him to Earth.

This song is about the war which ultimately leads to mankind’s destruction, referenced in The Final Experiment, and later in 01011001. Still, the character speaking here is not the main protagonist himself, but one of his past lives (as told in “My House on Mars”, the protagonist never saw Earth).

One Small Step
Arjen tells us the events he lived during first manned lunar landing – the Apollo 11 mission. At this point it becomes obvious that the Arjen is the pre-incernation of the Mars Colonist. It uses the famous words of Neil Armstrong, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”. The song contains samples from the voices of astronauts, captured during moon landings.

The Shooting Company of Captain Frans B. Cocq
This song makes reference to Captain Frans Banninck Cocq and his militia, immortalised on the painting The Night Watch by Dutch painter Rembrandt. The painting dates from the Dutch golden age, 1642. In the song’s title, Arjen makes use of a title which is considered the most accurate for the painting.

Dragon on the Sea
This song makes reference to Queen Elizabeth I of England and the “Speech to the Troops at Tilbury” given by her in July 1588, on the light of an attack by the Spanish Armada, which consisted of a grand naval fleet of 130 ships bearing over 30,000 men. The English fleet won the battle under the leadership of Sir Francis Drake — the “dragon” on the sea — and Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Nottingham.

Temple of the Cat
This song makes reference to the Mayan civilization and Maya mythology, taking place circa the 8th century. According to Arjen, it speaks especially about the Jaguar Temple and the city of Tikal. Certain samples used on the song come from an authentic Maya festival. Vocals on this song were provided by Jacqueline Govaert of Krezip. Arjen has stated that this is his least favorite Ayreon song… which I can not really relate to… there are much worse on The Source (my least favorite album), sorry Arjen 😉

Carried by the Wind
Ayreon’s spirit notices that the Final Experiment has failed, and looks on to Mars for mankind’s new hope. This “spirit on the wind” is also referenced in “The Sixth Extinction” on 01011001.

And the Druids Turn to Stone
This song makes reference to the Stonehenge, a monument located near Amesbury in the English county of Wiltshire, which is believed to have mainly been built between 2500 BC and 2000 BC. Due to the uncertainty regarding the origins of the monument, Arjen proposes the fantasy explanation that a group of druids was turned to stone by means of magic, and thus became the Stonehenge.

The First Man on Earth
This song makes reference to the appearance of the first Homo sapiens on Earth, circa 50,000 BCE.

The Dream Sequencer Reprise
The Dream Sequencer is turned off, at least until the beginning of the next album, Flight of the Migrator, where the Dream Sequencer speaks again some orders and warnings.

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How does it fit to the History of The Universe?
Here you can find the answer.



1. The Dream Sequencer

"It is the 22nd century. I am the last of the Mars Colonists. The air
supply has almost run out on this desolate Mars colony, and the food
supplies from Earth have stopped arriving since the final war of 2084. I
am walking through the tunnel towards our recreation machine called the
Dream Sequencer. I hope it will sweeten my final days..."

[Lana Lane (voice)]

(Dream sequencer system online)
Good morning colonist. You have selected the Universal Migrator program.
Please lie down in the energy tank and place the electrodes on your temples.
Think of your designation number and drink the fluid from the vessel at the left

(Program loaded, commencing U.M. preincarnation protocol)
Now focus on the music as I take you back to your chilhood......and beyond.....

2. My House On Mars

"It is the end of the 21st Century. I have returned to my own childhood. I remember it
all as the Dream Sequencer images mix with my own recollections. This is the day my
sister and I realised that we would never see the planet Earth."

[Johan Edlund, Floor Jansen]

Daddy where are you now
Forgot about your vow?
You promised you'd return and take me to Earth

Did you have to fight that war
What was it all for?
The honor of one's name, what is it worth?

I'm all alone - we're all alone
My future's unknown - our future's unknown
I reach out to the stars out here in my house on Mars

Mother did you hear me cry?
You never told me why
You put me in this world of rock and dust

No friends for playing games
No foes who scorn my name
Computerized machines of steel and rust

Is this my home? - this is our home
This desolate dome - this desolate dome
I call out to the stars: I'm alone in my house on Mars

I'll never smell the ocean breeze
I'll never climb the highest trees
I'll never feel the burning sun
I'll never meet my chosen one... in my house

Daddy I forgive you now
You could not keep your vow
You will never return, I'll never see Earth

My time has come - our time has come
I'm emotionally numb - emotionally numb
I'm headed for the stars, I'm leaving my house on Mars
No friends in my house on Mars
No foes in my house on Mars
I was born in my house on Mars
I will die in my house on Mars

3. 2084

"It is the 21st century. The Final Experiment has failed. The final devastating war that
was foretold by the blind minstrel Ayreon has indeed come to pass. The war has destroyed
all life on Earth, making it completely uninhabitable. I hover above my own dead body..."

[Lana Lane]

Silence fills the air
Echoes fade away
Of sadness and despair
On that cruel and fateful day

My body lies motionless
Upon the kitchen floor
The Earth has died, the world's at rest

Many centuries ago
In a dark enchanted land
Our fate had been foretold
By a poor misguided man

We carried on down the road we chose
The path of nevermore
The journey ends, the book is closed

And now I have to leave, my work on earth is done
I'm heading for the planet known as Mars
To the last of its race, the final newborn son
Before I start my voyage to the stars

4. One Small Step

"It is the 20th century. I am a little boy peacefully asleep. My father comes to wake me
so that I can witness an historic event in the finite story of mankind."

[Edward Reekers, Lana Lane]

On an early summer morning, July '69
As I dream of the planets
I hear a voice softly whisper: 'son, it is time
It's happening soon'

It's a quarter to four now and he carries me down
To our place by the telly
I see lights on in houses all over town
For the man on the Moon

One small step for man
But a giant leap for mankind
The mighty Apollo prevailed
The Eagle has landed

I go back to my warm bed, back to my dreams
But not the one of the planets
I decided this morning I don't want to be
The man on the Moon

As I lie here in this cold tank, living a dream
I'm the last on the planets
I decided this morning I don't want to be
The man on Mars

5. The Shooting Company Of Captain Frans B. Cocq

"It is the 17th century. I am a noble ensign-bearer posing with my guild for the Dutch
master painter, Rembrandt van Rijn, in Amsterdam."

[Mouse, Lana Lane]

I'm standing proud
In this noble crowd
My banner raised high the coat of arms of Amsterdam
To the mystic sky a magic light enchants the land

We're marching on
The shooting company of Captain Frans B. Cocq

My uniform shines the livery of a high-born man
The Claw-guild signs immortalized by the master's hand
Light and shade with colors rich and brushwork bold
Night and day with shadows black and amours gold

We're marching on
The shooting company of Captain Frans B. Cocq

I'm standing proud
In this noble crowd
In our golden age eternalized by the artist's hand
A glorious page in the history of our tiny land

We're marching on
Up to the battlefield to where the spirits walk
The shooting company of Captain Frans B. Cocq

6. Dragon On The Sea

"It is the 16th century. I am Queen Elizabeth sending out the brave Sir Francis Drake to
defend the English realm against the invading armada."

[Lana Lane]

Times are dark now, our empire's gone astray
Forces from down south, armada on the way
So we call our greatest men to run the barricade
Shine your light where shadows fall and wash the night away

Sail on for your queen
Sail into history
You will never be the same
Sail on for country
Into our memory
Time will remember your name
Dragon on the sea

Fires burn now in once our tranquil bays
Tall ships that rain down thunderbolts and flames
Go and raise your pirate flag, cast the lines away
Take your fleet where darkness falls and turn the night to day

The sun never sets on the empire won
But wise men say never say never
It slips through our hands just like sand in sun
We thought it would go on forever

Dragon ships they keep on sailing, on to Nova Albion
While the waking world is sleeping, dragon ships are sailing on

7. Temple Of The Cat

"It is the 8th century. I am a Mayan girl heading for the Jaguar Temple in Tikal on the
central American continent."

[Jacqueline Govaert]

Shine down on me, Sun of the Underworld
Set me free, chase away the night
Proud Jaguar, king of the Mayan Gods
Shining star, light up the sky

And guide me to the Temple of the Cat

Heart-of-Sky, Maker and Hurricane
Mighty eye, harvester of life
We were born solely to speak your name
Bring the dawn, we'll praise the sky

Here inside the Temple of the Cat

Upon his throne the High priest addressed the crowd
Now carved in stone his holy name
Beads of jade adorn his cotton shroud
His silvery blade on a golden chain

He lies here in the Temple of the Cat, dead
He will rise again from the Temple of the Cat

8. Carried By The Wind

"It is the 6th century. This is where it all began. My tired body has passed away, but my
once-tortured spirit is finally free now. My name is ... Ayreon."

[Arjen Lucassen]

I've crossed the edge where time disappears
My life has been taken by the charm of the seer
My conscience is clear, I committed no sin
My spirit roams free now, carried by the wind

My mission has failed, the spell has been cast
I wasn't the first one and I won't be the last
This can't be the end, so let it begin
My message will reach you, carried by the wind

Out here on Mars I now realize
Mankind has vanished, tears fill my eyes
There must be a world I can live in
My spirit will find it, carried by the wind

9. And The Druids Turn To Stone

"It is 2800 B.C. I quietly witness the astounding secret behind the creation of a
mysterious monument in Wiltshire, England."

[Damian Wilson]

The moon sheds no light on Salisbury plain
The day turns to night and the bonfires cease burning

The druids gather round and the chants fill the air
Their echoes resound and the living world stops turning

The magic words are spoken
As we leave the plain in silence
Now the circle stands alone
And the druids turn to stone

The dawn shines its light on Salisbury plain
The day floods the night with gilded rays of sunshine

The magic words were spoken
As we left the plain in silence
Then the circle stood alone
And the druids turned to stone

The rising sun is dancing on the edges of the stones
Casting shadows, creeping down the Avenue
Into the heart of the sarsen trilithons

I marvel at this mystery, beholder of the stars
A holy temple, a sacred burial ground
Guarding well its secrets from us all

10. The First Man On Earth

"It is 50000 B.C. The world is almost empty; nature is still untouched by man. Off in the
distance, a clan of ape-like creatures gather near a cliff side. But I am the first to
stand. I must be..."

[Neil Morse, Mark McCrite]

In fields of green, vast as the oceans
Is this a dream, is it evermore?
A million years, fast as a notion
I stand alone here on the silent shore

I'm after prey in the fields
Shelter in a cave from the cold and lonely nights
And now it all seems so real
Warming at the fireside beneath the pale moonlight

This is the dawn of time
I am the first to stand
Looking through the eyes of the primal man
This is the dawn of time
Witnessing the birth
I am the first man on earth

The skies of blue reach to the heavens
They go on and on forevermore
No avenues, no city sidewalks
Planet Mars is but ancient lore

This place has all that I need
No computers glowing screens, no industrial machines
Somehow it all seems surreal
Memories of days gone by, a slowly fading scene

No one here to blame me
No one here to hurt
So much space here to occupy my mind
I can breathe the breath of virgin land

The firefly at nighttime
The sounds of nothing known
And I belong here like I never have before
The wandering child returning home

When twilight falls, red is the sunset
Planets appear across the colored sky
No prison walls, no war, no bloodshed
Hard to believe this new world will die

I wish that I could stay for a while
In the dream world that the sequencer creates
And though it all seems so real
Now I fear the time is gone, I feel its heavy weight

Hold on to this moment in time
Savor a life how it used to be
Hold on to the world in its prime
Breathe in the air, feel the energy

11. The Dream Sequencer Reprise


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